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Error on Quick Create forms


I've downloaded and installed the latest version of your CRM 2013 Duplicate Detection solution. It has been effective at identifying the duplicates real-time, but upon save I receive an unknown error on the Quick Create forms (for both out-of-box and custom entities). Per other posts in the issues area, I've tried creating a new form, but face the same error (red X in upper left corner). Ultimately, I am forced to cancel out of the Quick Create Form and manually refresh the originating sub-grid to reveal the newly saved record. Can you provide any guidance on identifying the error so that we can either prevent it from happening or clear it once it has occurred? Your assistance would be deeply appreciated.


JLattimer wrote Mar 26, 2014 at 3:48 AM

Try again with the latest version once your organization in on UR2 and see if the fixes in Quick Create and the new version resolve your issues.